In 1998, Phil Bohan left commercial aviation to open a company which would teach previously untrained or undertrained mechanics what they needed to know in order to work on commercial aircraft.  Phil began teaching 40-hour General Familiarization and longer Systems courses to companies such as Mobile Aerospace Engineering (now VTMAE), FlightStar, PEMCO, and Timco.  Since opening, AMT has taught over 450 classes and over 12,000 students.


AMT, Inc. hires retired commercial airline instructors to teach its students.  Each instructor personally sits in on an AMT class to ensure they understand the teaching methods to meet the stringent requirements of AMT.  In 2012, Phil's eldest son, Lee, retired from Delta Airlines to join his dad in offering the highest quality training available.

In 2019, AMT, Inc. introduced distance learning to its training options. These live classes became very important in 2020 when Covid-19 shut down much of the country. It also allows companies with multiple facilities to include students from each facility without the added expense of travel.

After 22 years as President of AMT, Inc., Phil Bohan stepped down and Lee Bohan stepped up to the helm as President/CEO. Without the courage of Phil to start his own company, AMT would only be a dream and not the successful international training company it is today.


AMT, Inc. offers extremely competitive rates for its clients.  Students receive an electronic copy of the aircraft training material and a copy of the pertinent schematics.


Below is a list of companies we have provided training to.

st engineering.jpg

VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering, Inc.

Mobile, AL & Pensacola, FL

Thomas Dupont, Mgr. Tech Training

Office: (251) 438-8688


Flightstar Aircraft Services, Inc.

Jacksonville, FL

Bryan Crofoot, Training Manager

Office: (904) 741-0300 Ext. 486


PEMCO World Air Services

Tampa, FL

Jorge Diaz, Manager of Training

Office: (813) 322-9624

Cell:  (813) 727-7128


Ascent Aviation Services 

Tuscon, AZ

Tim McGuire, Director of Quality Assurance, Training, EHS & Process Involvement

Office: (520) 616-5003


Jeffrey Ulloa, Quality Manager

Lake City, FL

Jeffrey Ulloa



ST Aerospace Engineering PTE LTD


Office (65) 6380 6522

AerSale, Inc. (Formerly AeroTurbine)

Goodyear, AZ

Troy Newcomb, Manager Quality Assurance & Training

Office: (623) 792-9850

Cell:  (623) 262-0550



LAUNCH Technical Workforce Solutions

700 Commerce Dr., Suite 140

Oak Brook, IL 60523

James J. Janicki

(813) 951-1832

Albert Harrewyn, Chief Inspector

2202 Airport Drive

Shawnee, OK 74804

(209) 303-6423


ComAv Technical Services, LLC

Victorville, CA

Sonia Goodman, Training Coordinator



VT San Antonio Aerospace

San Antonio, TX

Liz Meza, Mgr. Workplace

      Learning & Records Mgt.

Office: (210) 42107265



Citadel Completions

Lake Charles, LA

Sunshine Radford, Training Manager



AAR Aircraft Services

Miami, FL

Chris Wolf, Chief Inspector

Office: (779) 513-4016

Cell:  (779) 206-5366


Floats & Fuel Cells, Inc.

Multiple Locations

Jason Brooks, Operations Manager

Office: (901)842-7136


Everts Air Cargo

Anchorage, AK

Daniel Rosales

(805) 705-3981